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VMware Training In Chandigarh

The purpose of VMware training in Chandigarh is to give hands on experience to trainees who join VMware Training in Chandigarh to boost your skills in Cloud computing. This will be 28-32 hours of course spread accross one month primarly for weekend batch. In weekend batch there will be a class of 3-4 hours of class on each day. The week days batch will complete in 2 weeks and there will be a class of 2 hours each day excluding weekends. The class will commence with introduction of vSphere VMware and its server modules. candidates will have to do installation of ESXi 6.x, configuration of ESXi host there after. There will be two type of installation tought to aspirants i.e. bare metal and hosted installation. Class will progress with understand all components of VMware vSphere client and then creation of Virtual Machines. You will then connect the created Virtual Machines to physical network while managing them through vmware vsphere client and web client. You will learn how to use ESXi pateform as cloud platfom and how you can serve Virtual Machines created on this plateform as public cloud to end users. You will further be dealing with VMware vCenter Server 6.x installation configuration and how to manage multiple host from VMware vCenter Server etc. You will also be working on iSCSI storage over hardware and software initiators. This storage will be added to datastore of ESXi hosts. you will also be dealing with adding NFS storage to your ESXi hosts and use it for creatiing virtual machines. You will understand working of FC-SAN, HA/FT/DRS clusters. Apart from host to to host migration and vMotion you will learn how to migrate your existing physical datacenter to vSphere virtual Datacenter (P2V). Upon completion of Vmware Training in Chadigarh you will feel charged up to take challenge of working as VMware administrator in DCV (Datacenter Virtualization) role.
As VMware is basis of today's fastly growing global Cloud Computing Technology. So Join VMware training in chandigarh and be the part of Cloud Computing. More than 85% of Clouds worldwide are running on VMware and rest is shared by Microsoft's Hyper-V or citrix etc. The entire course module of VMware Training in Chandigarh is planned keeping these facts in mind. The requirement of VMware Engineers and Administrator in global market is high. Please be noted that upon completion of VMware Training in Chandigarh led by Certified and Experienced VMware administrator you will be capable enough to perform duties of VMware administrator in any SMB unit VMware infrastructure as virtual Datacenter. This training does not qualify you to appear for any VCP certification because that is carried out by VMware Training partners. For details you can check this link How to obtain VMWare certification

There is new thing which VMware has introduced is that a candidate need not to have a madatory training from a VMware Training partner for below certification. If you have knowledge and undestanding of technology you can directly go for Certification. There are four type of VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification


VMware Training in Chandigarh

VMware Training in Mohali

The Vmware Certified Associatge - Network Virtualization (VCA-NV) is not introduced yet but it will be available sooner

vSphere Lab at Gotzu Tech

The lab we have evolved is for the basic training but we are planning to develop with time. In this vSphere Lab you will have

  • ESXi 6.0 hosts installed on multi core processors
  • Both hosted installation and Bare metal installation is covered
  • VMware vCenter Server installation and VMware vCenter server Appliance installation
  • iSCSI storage over software and hardware initiator
  • NFS storage
  • Migration of Physical machine to Virtual (P2V)

There are few books on VMwareTraining and virtualisation which can be purchased from amazon or any book store for your reference apart from PDFs around the internet.

Networking for VMware Administrators: Increasingly, virtualization administrators and architects must have a deep understanding of networks. However, many have come to virtualization from other IT backgrounds, and do not have the knowledge they need to interact effectively with network specialists or solve problems with virtual networks. Networking for VMware Administrators fills this crucial gap, illuminating the core concepts required to "speak the language" of networking, and showing exactly how they apply to VMware vSphere.

VMware Training on vSphere design: Achieve the performance, scalability, and ROI your business needs. What can you do at the start of a virtualization deployment to make things run more smoothly? If you plan, deploy, maintain, and optimize vSphere solutions in your company, this unique book provides keen insight and solutions. From hardware selection, network layout, and security considerations to storage and hypervisors, this book explains the design decisions you'll face and how to make the right choices.

  • Written by two virtualization experts and packed with real-world strategies and examples, VMware vSphere Design, Second Edition will help you design smart design decisions.

  • Shows IT administrators how plan, deploy, maintain, and optimize vSphere virtualization solutions
  • Explains the design decisions typically encountered at every step in the process and how to make the right choices
  • Covers server hardware selection, network topology, security, storage, virtual machine design, and more

If you are looking for VMware training in Chandigarh, VMware training in Mohali or VMware training in Panchkula we are the right there at A-816, 8th Floor, Bestech Business Tower, Sector 66, Mohali, 9779870205, +91-172-5020816.


  • Excelent place for pratical hands-on experiance in VMware administration. See more.

    Its a must for people who want to start thier career in this Technology, Did a lot of research in north for such a program and finalised this place.instructor with real industrial experience in VMware prepare traines to be job ready. Best place to get experience on real VM environment with all the setup available in house. Overall i would give 10/10.

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    -Chitraksh Bhargav

  • Great Place for Practical Training

    -Vishal Thakur

  • Training at Gotzu with an experienced mentor and trainer helped me to get good hands on and made me familiar with ESXi paltform

    -Sandeep Makol

  • I would like to thank Mr. Rajeev for wonderful training sessions.See more.

    Training given is very satisfactory.I have good knowledge of VMware technology now. We got enaugh time to do study and practical in here. Thanks a lot agein.

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    -Mahesh Kumar

  • Good experience with trainer having good conceptual knowledge and practicle

    -Naresh Kumar

  • I am feeling very gratful when after learning VMware from Gtozu Technology. All the doubts and concepts are clear in Practical way. Now I am eager to learn about the next topics in VMware

    -Vijay Kumar

  • Good to learn VMware. It helped me in future in deciding my future goals

    -Deepak Dhiman


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